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Oh Denmark, you are an yndigt land.

People always think of Nyhavn, Carlsberg and the Little Mermaid but Conrad has been in Denmark long enough to know it’s all about andreakage, DSB forsinkelser and flying your Dannebrog (but only in the daytime).

After three sold out national tours, Conrad is back with his unique danglish blend, snakkering all about internationale liv in the strange country he calls home. He is læring many things f.x. the Jylland-Sjælland dem-os rivalry (they both agree Fyn is a fartbump but actually fynboer are just drinking Albani and waiting for the well earned independence!) He’s found out about the controversial Aksel Sandemose, Denmark’s små byer, fødselsdagstraditioner and how Danes make a cup of English tea.

ÆØÅ offers a very special journey for locals and internationals through life in Danmark, from struggles in dansk to the small things that make us love this place.

Conrad has become a beacon for English-speaking comedy in dejlig Denmark. He’s a father, husband, manages an English language comedy club in Aarhus, writes regularly for the Copenhagen Post and guarantees an evening of extreme hygge.

God fornøjelse!

Conrad Molden datoer og billetter

søn 22 okt 2023 20:00

Bremen Teater, København

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // København

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tor 09 nov 2023 20:00

Bremen Teater, København

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // København

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tor 01 feb 2024 18:30

Magasinet, Odense C

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // Odense

Køb billet

tor 08 feb 2024 20:30

Badeanstalten, Slagelse

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // Slagelse

Kontakt spillested

fre 09 feb 2024 19:30

Borgerforeningen Svendborg Teater, Svendborg

Conrad Molden ÆØÅ // Svendborg

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søn 25 feb 2024 20:30

Volkerts Fylke, Kolding

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // Kolding

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tor 29 feb 2024 18:30

Nykøbing Falster Teater, Nykøbing F

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // Nykøbing Falster Teater

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lør 02 mar 2024 20:30

Bygningen Vejle, Vejle

Conrad Molden - ÆØÅ // Vejle EKSTRA

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