Female Features are FED UP! English Comedy Night


tir 24 nov 2020 18:00

18:00 Bar opens
19:00 Show starts 
Roughly 1 hour comedy show

In Fed Up, the comics from Female Features sink their teeth into raw topics like dieting, food and shame. They hold a fun-house mirror up to their body image, turning guilt and fear into sisterly love and laughter. Expect nourishing tales of our struggles with the dietary-industrial complex, from playing Godzilla in changing rooms to five-year-old trying to talk us into a boob job. Plus some butt jokes to round it all out.

Both comics and venue are working hard to make this show especially COVID safe for you. That’s why we’ll be taking these safety measures on the night:
-          We are only selling 36 tickets, quite a bit below the allowed capacity. This way, we can assure adequate space between groups of audiences
-           Wearing a mask is mandatory when moving around the room
-          We are keeping the comics 2 meters away from the audience
-          The bar closes at 22
-          We have hand sanitizer free to use at both of our bar counters
-          Tables and chairs are sanitized before and after each show
-          Surfaces (doorknobs, menus and toilets) are sanitized continuously during the show
-          We are not booking groups of more than 10 people
-          The pre-made seating arrangement cannot be changed during the show. This is to ensure these measures can be enforced 

Age: 18

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