Reeds Ramble

Ribers Gard

ons 21 jul 2021 20:00

Reeds Ramble

Førtste koncert udenfor New York nogensinde!

Chris Cheek - Sax
Seamus Blake - Sax
Matt Penman - Bass
Jochen Rueckert - Drums
Ethan Iverson - Piano

Led by saxophonists Chris Cheek and Seamus Blake, Reeds Ramble is a jazz quintet playing originals and fresh renditions of standards. They have made 2 recordings for Criss Cross jazz. The first is titled “Reeds Ramble” and features Jochen Rueckert on drums, Matt Penman on bass and Ethan Iverson on piano. Following up on the success of the first release they released “let’s call the whole thing off” which featured the track “Count Your Blessings” which garnered over 9 and a half million streams on Spotify. The music is simultaneously traditional and contemporary with repertoire that ranges from contemporary songs to arrangements of standards.

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