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Mrs. Phink's House presents:

Flower of Salt
 is a newly found duo by Emilia Pennanen and Victor von Hellens. The project was formed in late January 2019 as a result of great piano jams on Emilia’s Hellas piano.   

Their music is inspired by the patterns of the sea. As with the waves and the tide, the music is not structured but still repetitive, predictable and therefore also captivating.

For Mrs. Phink's House, Flower of Salt has composed "Fleur de sel" a stream like continuum of songs that were composed in spring specifically for this performance. The sounds are constructed by Emilia’s piano with synth and drum elements by Victor. The arrangements will develop over time and will be minimalistic, but will retain a force similar to that of the ocean waves.  

*Snacks will be provided

for more info - http://shiso-studio.com/mrs-phinks-house

Fleur de sel datoer og billetter

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