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Comedy & Happy Hour Drinks

For a limited time this Summer enjoy spontaneous comedy at the Imagnarium.
Each evening is a one night only experience that is never to be repeated again. Spontaneous comedy has no script, but you’d never know unless we told you so!
During lockdown we have all been stuck in our imaginations and all this creativity needs an outlet! This is an event where experienced performers workshop their ideas before hitting the comedy circuit.
This is an exclusive first look for an inclusive price during the happiest hours of the day (Happy Hour at the bar 19:00 -21:00)

Happy Hour Drinks Specials

  • Pint of Turborg Classic 35kr
  • 2 double house Long Drinks 65kr
  • 2 for 1 Dark ‘n’ Stormy 95kr
  • 2 for 1 JD & Coke 75kr
  • 2 for 1 JD Honey & Ginger Beer 85kr
  • 10 House Shots 100kr
  • Beer Bucket (5 bottles Carlsberg) 80kr

What is Spontaneous Comedy?
Spontaneous, or improvisational, comedy has no script or predetermined dialogue. Think sketch comedy but not even the performers know what will happen before it does. The charm comes from the audience watching the actors on stage discover sketches in the moment and right in front of their eyes. How can we prove its not scripted? Well, you are the one to give us the inspiration for the show! Come, sit back, and laugh along with us as comedians weave your ideas into a tapestry of comedy gold!
Well, if it’s not scripted, what are you workshopping?
What a great a question! Very observant! Improv comedy is unscripted but the comedians have various formats and techniques which they use to structure the overarching themes of their shows.  After months of working exclusively online we’re using this opportunity to oil the pistons, grease up our gears, rediscovery our stage legs and perform for live audiences once again.
What’s all this talk about “Happy Hours”?
We’ve partnered with Urban House for these events and they are offering Happy Hours at the bar from 19:00 – 21:00. During Happy Hours you get special offers on drinks at the bar.

Inconspicuous Imaginarium datoer og billetter

tor 24 jun 2021 19:30

Urban House, København

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tor 01 jul 2021 19:30

Urban House, København

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