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Even as a child developed Lars Muhl ESP, and these skills he uses today in his work with other people.

Lars Muhl pulls led all of Yeshua's wisdom, as expressed in the New Testament, Dead Sea Scriptures, and the writings of Nag Hammadi, but also on Carl Gustav Jung's alchemical work and the quantum fathers Alfred Einstein, Niels Bohr, Max Planch and David Bohm.

Wherever men go, it brings with it a baggage of qualities, feelings, prejudices, fears and emotional wounds which it affects its environment by its mere presence. When man is unaware of this baggage, it reduces itself to a pawn in a game which it has no control. For usually the case that screaming, we come to the world, noisy, we go through it, only to leave us a chaotic mess when we are here.

 Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is when a person becomes aware of the moment sacral essence and act accordingly. Without this awareness noisy man.

By developing the ability to see beyond the apparent, through increased empathic perspective, and by practicing clarity in all conditions and in any case, man can achieve presence, balance and gift presence.

Man undergoes ground one transfiguration process in which it has the opportunity to regain the original state. All spiritual work has to do with this individual's restoration of its conscious connection to God.

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