Mrs. Phink's House billetter

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++ You are invited to Mrs. Phink’s House for a dinner experience you will not forget.

Mrs. Phink has turned a bunker in Refshaleoen into a total eating experience inspired by saltwater and celebrates Danish coastal nature. 

Over the course of 3 weeks you will have the opportunity to experience the work of 23 artists, who have been invited to contribute to the making of Mrs. Phink’s House.

When you purchase a dinner ticket to Mrs. Phink’s House, you will have a dinner made by 1 of the 6 female chefs (coming from as far as Korea or as close at Vesterbro), along with 2 cocktails (either with or without alcohol) designed by our in-house female bartender made specifically for the event.

So please come, and celebrate the Danish coastline with us!

++Dinners will begin at 18:00++

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Mrs. Phink's House datoer og billetter

Beklager, vi har ikke billetter til Mrs. Phink's House i salg i øjeblikket.

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