Sebastian Gille billetter

Bliv fan

„Gille is undoubtedly one of the greatest woodwind players on this planet.“ Thorsten Hingst, Jazzpodium

„One of the most expressive saxophonists of our time.“ Überjazz

„Gille is neither an exhibitionist nor a show-off; on the contrary, he embodies the proverb of still waters running deep. His sound exudes warmth, authority, mystery. But the man with the unassuming aura has proven time and time again that he is capable of reinventing himself, since his saxophone exudes an expressiveness under which the little man twists and turns, as though the music held a hypnotic power over him, as opposed to him creating the music himself.“ Tom R. Schulz,

Hamburger Abendblatt

„There is an incredible feeling of suspense in the room, a power emanating from this saxophonist’s performance, demonstrated by the meticulous care with which he makes every single note his own. A sound resonant of virtually unrestrained emotional intensity, which invites the audience to hear the warmth of his breath, his sensitivity and vulnerability, as well as his desire to transcend boundaries. A cross between Albert Ayler and Lester Young, capturing a sensibility that is radical yet simultaneously timidly beseeching in an unmistakably individual form.“ Die Welt

„The music Sebastian Gille produces on his tenor saxophone borders on an unbridled emotional intensity. It sounded as if a thousand souls were wrapped up in his horn.“ Sonic

Gille is an exceptional and completely unique saxophone player, who is able to produce almost unearthly tones, which sound sometimes like violin or flute, and considering he is playing the tenor, this is absolutely amazing. His manner of slowing the tempo almost to a standstill is also extremely effective and creates enormous amounts of tension in the music, in spite of the fact that it is almost minimalistic. Adam Baruch

„Saxophonist Sebastian Gille is demonstrating the sound of the Future." Tom R. Schulz, Hamburger Abendblatt

„Gille’s sound is a kaleidoscopically shifting mélange of inner colors and states of mind, which are unmistakably his own. How his music resonates with the audience is not necessarily analogous to what it puts forth.“ Jazzthetik

Sebastian Gille datoer og billetter

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