The liquid gold of the future - natural colors from plants and food waste billetter

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At this workshop you will learn how easy it is to create natural colors from herbs, spices, plants and food waste. Precisely food waste such as shells, peels and cores contain natural color pigments that are suitable for coloring textiles and paper.

Københavns Plantefarveri will introduce you to a number of color materials that you can easily collect from your kitchen and show how you can create beautiful colors and patterns with them. Then you will have the opportunity to experiment with the colors, on both textiles and paper. By the end of the workshop, you will have created a beautiful palette of swatches and your very own furoshiki*, and the knowledge + techniques needed to create pigments at home.

This workshop is been held in collaboration with the Respond Festival, so by attending this event, you will get free admission to the Respond Festival, which will be held June 6-8. More information about the Respond Festival -

*A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, traditionally made to carry gifts, clothing or other items. This piece of fabric is perfect for transporting many different things or for gift wrapping, and gives you a sustainable alternative to plastic bags that can help prevent more plastic pollution in our marine environment.

Lunch and drinks will be served at this event.
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The liquid gold of the future - natural colors from plants and food waste datoer og billetter

lør 08 jun 2019 12:00

Teaterøen Bunker, København

The liquid gold of the future - natural colors fro

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